You can search for planning applications submitted to the Council on 'Planning Applications Online', which is updated daily

Copies of planning applications, drawings and associated documents are also available for viewing at the Council Offices during normal office hours.

You can search for applications by application number, postcode or by property or site address. You can also search for applications in the order they have been submitted via our weekly list of applications.

To view the decision made on an application, you can search for the application by the application number or site address and then view the decision displayed on the details tab.  Alternatively, you can search via the weekly list of applications validated or decided over a range of dates.

Information about the appeals procedure can be found on the Planning Frequently Asked Questions.

Information about Contaminated Land is available on the Environmental Health pages - see related pages. There are currently no sites within this Borough designated as Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

It is possible to print copies of plans, but please note that once printed these may not be to scale. Please contact the Planning Department if you require clarification.

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