Appointment Process

Allocating and appointing staff is a long and detailed process.

  • upon receipt of this signed form we will allocate staff to the vacancies, as appropriate
  • appointment letters will be issued approximately one month before Polling Day and your acceptance should be returned immediately

Available Roles

Canvasser - beginning of October to the end of November

The role of canvasser is to assist the electoral services team with the production of the annual update of the electoral register.

Apply for canvasser role

Duties include:

  • visiting every property in your designated area to get a response to the Household Enquiry Form and if no response is obtained, making subsequent visits as required
  • working within an agreed timescale to complete your area by the given deadline
  • assisting residents in completing the Household Enquiry Form and Registration Forms in either paper format or by using a tablet
  • completing all supplementary paperwork as outlined in training
  • attending the elections office in person regularly during the canvass period to hand in completed forms and give regular updates on progress
  • communicating with members of the public in a courteous manner at all times
  • maintaining the confidentiality of the information you obtain
  • complying with all instructions relating to health and safety

If you would like to apply for this role, please contact the electoral services team.

Poll Clerk

The role of polling station staff is to ensure that electors are able to cast their vote in secret, in a calm environment.

Duties include:

  • helping to set up polling booths
  • preparing the polling station, displaying signs so that they are visible to electors etc
  • keeping the polling station tidy
  • checking that electors are registered, marking the register and issuing their ballot paper to them
  • ensuring that only the elector is able to see who/what they have voted for
  • providing assistance to voters where necessary
  • helping to dismantle the polling booths and tidy all polling station equipment away at the close of poll

Presiding Officer or Senior Presiding Officer

The role of Presiding Officer is to oversee the running of the polling station, they are responsible for the conduct of the ballot. A presiding officer must have a good knowledge of voting procedures. To apply for the role of presiding officer, you must have previously worked as a poll clerk on at least 2 occasions. Senior Presiding Officers are allocated at premises where there is more than one polling station, they are responsible for overseeing all of the stations. To apply for the role of Senior Presiding Officer, you must have previously worked as a Presiding Officer at least 4 times.

Duties include:

  • collecting the ballot box/es, paperwork and stationery for the correct station from the council offices
  • checking all paperwork/stationery has been provided for the polling station before polling day
  • helping to set up the polling booths and ensuring that all signs are clearly displayed
  • ensuring that the polling station is opened on time
  • knowing the layout of the polling station to avoid access issues
  • ensuring that health and safety procedures are followed
  • instructing and supervising the poll clerk/s
  • keeping track of the amount of ballot papers issued
  • completing all necessary polling station paperwork
  • assisting voters where necessary
  • keeping postal votes handed in by electors safe, until the polling station inspector arrives to return them to the count centre
  • monitoring the activities of tellers outside the polling station
  • issuing ballot papers to electors

Verification and Count Assistant

The purpose of the Verification and Count team is to open ballot boxes, ensure the contents agree with the Ballot Paper Accounts and then count the votes for each candidate/option in the election.

Duties include:

  • verifying the amount of ballot papers in each ballot box allocated to a count table against figures provided by the Presiding Officer at each polling station
  • dividing ballot papers into relevant categories and counting the votes for each person/option
  • re-counting if required

If you believe that you are capable of undertaking any of these roles, please complete the form below and return it to us in person at the address below, along with your passport (or another form of proof of eligibility to work in the UK).

Apply for casual election work

Spelthorne Borough Council
Council Offices
Knowle Green
TW18 1XB

Please call/email our office beforehand to make an appointment to hand in your application.

Tel: 01784 444218