Thames Water are responsible for maintaining, repairing and clearing sewers and drains. If you suspect that a sewer or drain is blocked, call Thames Water on 0800 980 8800 who will clear the blockage free of charge. If the blockage is not Thames Water's responsibility, they will advise at the time. Thames Water are not responsible for:

  • waste pipes above ground
  • drains between the property and the boundary of the land, that serve only one property
  • sewers and drains that serve multiple dwellings (eg flats)

If there is a blocked gulley in the road, please report it to Surrey County Council.

If there is a blockage at a property that you are renting, you should contact Thames Water as well as informing your landlord as soon as possible. A blockage inside a property is the responsibility of the owner/occupier - if it is in pipe work shared between two or more properties, then it will usually be joint responsibility. In a private block of flats it is normally the managing company's responsibility.