Mobile Homes

To operate a Mobile Homes site you need a licence from the local authority.

The introduction of the Mobile Homes Act 2013 has amended the legislation so that permanent residential mobile homes sites are now known as 'relevant protected sites'.

This new law gives more rights to people who live in their own home on a protected site.

The most important changes make it easier for you to sell your home on the open market, without interference from the owner of the park where you live. In addition this legislation requires the Council to keep a register of site rules in respect of protected sites in its area. The site owner may set rules on residential caravan sites. The Council does not enforce these rules, although some rules may be a duplicate of the site licence conditions.

The Council is only required to keep and publish a register of site rules. We will update this page when we are notified by the site owners that rules are in force. The rules published below have been written by the site owners and not the Council.