Council Tax Bands 2017-18

The Council Tax charges for 2017/2018 are:-

Band A£1,165.70
Band B£1,360.00
Band C£1,554.28
Band D£1,748.56
Band E£2,137.12
Band F£2,525.70
Band G£2,914.26
Band H£3,497.12

We collect Council Tax on behalf of Surrey Police and Surrey County Council.

Bills are issued during March to start on 1 April and can be paid either annually in one lump sum, or by up to 10 monthly instalments.

This authority is under a duty to protect the public funds it administers, and to this end may use the information you have provided on this form for the prevention and detection of fraud. It may also share this information with other bodies responsible for auditing and administering public funds for these purposes.

You can type your postcode into the Council Tax band search to find out which band you are in.

Where your payments go

Your Council Tax payments for 2017/18 are shared between:

  • us, your local council - 11%
  • Surrey County Council - 76.2%
  • Surrey Police and Crime Commissioner (Surrey Police) - 12.8%

We provide the following local services including:

  • collecting household waste and recycling
  • street cleaning
  • day centres for the elderly
  • community transport and meals
  • parks
  • CCTV and other measures to keep our borough safe
  • planning and building control

Surrey County Council provide the following services:

  • education
  • children's and adults' social care (including an additional 2% for adult social care)
  • libraries
  • fire and rescue
  • Trading Standards
  • public transport
  • roads maintenance

Find out about the Council Tax that goes to Surrey County Council

Surrey Police and Crime Commissioner (Surrey Police) cover policing services across the county.

How the percentages are calculated

Council tax bills have to follow a format set by law, and we appreciate that they are not always easy to understand.

Some people tell us that the percentages on the bill don't appear to  agree to the average increase, as none of the lines show an increase of more than 3% but the overall average is 4.3%. This is because in order to calculate an average two of the lines need to be treated together. The percentage increases of 1.99% for Surrey County Council and the 1.99% for the Adult Social Care Precept both relate to increases as a percentage of the overall Surrey Council bill for 2016-17. So these two percentages need to be added together to give an increase of 4.99% on the overall Surrey County Council Bill. The weighted average of the Surrey County Council elements combined along with the Police and Spelthorne Borough Council elements is a 4.3% increase

A way of checking this is to compare the overall bills between the two years. The total Band D bill for 2016-17 was £1,675.91 and the total for 2017-18 is £1,748.56 which gives an increase of £72.65, or 4.3%.