Shortwood Common Site of Special Scientific Interest

This semi-improved grassland site is designated a SSSI due its floral species with locally rare species present, the pond onsite also holds a nationally rare species. The common is situated on alluvial sands and gravel offering an ideal variation in terrain and drainage; this factor has led to the wide range of grassland types now present.

Neighbouring Staines Moor the site mirrors a similar ecological makeup; however due to the smaller scale and differing grazing regime variations are notable. Three significant terrestrial species which are found on the common include Wormwood artemisia absinthiumWild clary salvia verbenaca and Bermuda grass cynodon dactylon.

Shortwood Common pond is approximately 2.2ha in size and is situated to the north-west of the site. Owing to its increasingly rare characteristics of shallow drawn out margins and undergoing active grazing the pond boats a diverse range of fauna and flora. The flagship species for the pond and indeed the site would be Brown galingale cyperus fuscus, a nationally rare sedge which favours shallow and poached margins.