Tackling antisocial behaviour

Are you suffering from

  • threats of violence, intimidation and harassment
  • frequent noise nuisance and rowdy behaviour eg playing music loudly
  • misuse of public space such as drug use and wrongful use of mopeds
  • environmental and criminal damage including abandoned vehicles, fly tipping, graffiti and vandalism

Here are a few tips

  • get to know your local police Neighbourhood Specialist Officer and Community Support Officer - visit Surrey Police (Spelthorne) website for details
  • keep a diary of any incidents, using the incident diary sheet and guide, that occur including the date and time of each problem, names and addresses of anyone involved and most importantly how the incident affected you
  • go to your local Neighbourhood Panel.  These are held on a regular basis and dates can be found on the Surrey Police website and in public venues
  • set up a neighbourhood watch scheme
  • speak to your neighbours to see if the problems can be sorted out before they get out of hand.  You can enter into mediation with them through Mediation North Surrey
  • if you are a housing association tenant speak to your local housing officer.  Each association has an Antisocial Behaviour Officer

Further information

Contact our Antisocial Behaviour Officer for more information about tackling anti-social behaviour in Spelthorne