Exercise referral and weight management scheme

Exercise Referral Scheme

The Exercise Referral Scheme designs exercise programmes for patients referred to them from doctors.

The subsidised scheme has proved particularly beneficial for people with cardiac, respiratory, weight management or general mobility conditions.

There is a 10 week (two sessions a week) programme of exercise to suit each client. There are two reviews of progress.

Contact your GP to ensure that you are suitable for an exercise programme. He/she will then contact the Exercise Referral Officer at Spelthorne or Sunbury Leisure Centres on your behalf. Contact will be made to arrange a convenient appointment.

Weight Management Programme

The aim of this referral only scheme is to help adults manage their weight eating more healthily and becoming more physically active. The programme is run at Spelthorne Leisure Centre.

For more information on either Exercise Referral or Weight Management please contact the GP Referral Manager at Spelthorne Leisure Centre.