The Pollution team regularly receives enquiries from members of the public about the condition of some aspect of Spelthorne's environment, either in general, or with particular regard to an area of land. This page outlines how you can access environmental information.

The Environmental Information Regulations 2004 enable members of the public to access information about the environment held by Spelthorne Borough Council and other public authorities including those bodies carrying out public functions such as water companies and waste disposal companies.

What is environmental information?

The regulations define environmental information as information about air, water, soil, land, flora and fauna, energy, noise, waste and emissions.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) have produced a helpful leaflet for the public on the Environmental Information Regulations.

How can I access environmental information?

Some information has been published on our web pages, most notably environmental information on local air quality levels, together with some public registers (such as scrap metal dealers and Part IIA register for contaminated land).

A request for unpublished information does not need to be made in writing, but along with specific questions, it can help the Council to ensure that the correct information is provided. Where a request cannot be made in writing, for whatever reason, the Council will make every reasonable attempt to give the applicant the appropriate assistance in making their request.

The timescale for providing the information requested can be up to 20 working days. If you are working to a particular deadline we will try to accommodate this where possible.

Is there a charge?

We will provide much of our information free of charge, especially published information like air quality monitoring data or where the information has already been collated. In accordance with Environmental Information Regulations 2004, a charge may be levied to cover officer time in collating information. Once a request is received we will check what relevant information, if any, we hold and advise you if any charge will be levied.