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Cemeteries - General conditions

We have four cemeteries which are located at:

  • London Road Staines-upon-Thames
  • Green Way, Sunbury on Thames
  • Ashford Burial Ground, London Road, Stanwell
  • Stanwell Burial Ground, Town Lane, Stanwell

A scale of fees is published separately each year relating to the purchase of burial rights, interments and memorial rights for residents and non-residents.

For non-residents, all fees will be tripled and this can include previous residents. Those, who were a resident and pre purchased a grave plot, will pay the standard fee.

The exclusive right of burial in a grave space allocated by the Council, may be purchased at the time of interment. Each grant of right is for a period of 100 years.

When a funeral cortege enters the cemetery or burial ground it is then under the control of the Council Cemeteries Officer or other authorized person, in attendance at the time.

The cemeteries and burial grounds are open on 1 October - 31 March from 7.30am-6pm and 1 April-30 September from 7.30am-8.30pm.

Children under 12 will not be allowed in the cemeteries and burial grounds, except in the charge of a responsible person.

No dogs will be permitted in the cemeteries and burial grounds, except guide dogs for the blind.

No cycling within the cemeteries and burial grounds is allowed.

The driving and parking of vehicles in the cemeteries and burial grounds shall be at the discretion of the Council.

The planting or cultivating of grave spaces in the lawn sections of the cemeteries and burial grounds is not permitted.

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