Graffiti is criminal damage and therefore a crime as well as being offensive. By working together we can try to wipe out the majority of it and deal with offenders. Here is some useful information on who to report it to and how to remove it.

Our graffiti policy

Spelthorne Borough Council is committed to removing overtly offensive graffiti within 24 hours and to continuously remove graffiti from council property.

The Council record and share details of graffiti and "tags" or signatures with the Police and will seek damages where Council owned sites are defaced.  The Police will arrest anyone involved in such acts.  Offenders are being fined and made to pay damages.

Report graffiti online

How to get graffiti removed

Wipe it out: most graffiti is made by permanent marker pen or paint spray can - it is best to remove it before it has chance to dry properly.

Brush it out: a simple solution to graffiti on wood should be to scrub it.

Scrub and wash it off: graffiti on non-porous surfaces such as masonry paint and tiles can often be scrubbed off using a strong detergent and lots of elbow grease.

Stubborn graffiti: specialised removal products are available from hardware stores.

Other information:

Surrey Police

  • if you see a crime in progress or to report an incident: 999
  • for non-emergencies: 101


  • 0800 555111

Spelthorne Council

  • Graffiti Removal: Please contact Neighbourhood Services
Neighbourhood Services
Neighbourhood Services
01784 446411
Full details for Neighbourhood Services