Staines-upon-Thames Town Centre is covered by a radio network called 'Staisafe'. The majority of shops and restaurants have a radio which enables them to share information and intelligence with each other and the three control rooms, situated at the Elmsleigh and Two Rivers shopping centres and Runnymede Council's CCTV Centre, and provide reassurance to shop staff.

Designed to help reduce shoplifting, anti-social behaviour and crime and disorder, the system benefits from, and coordinates with, the CCTV systems in the two shopping centres and with the Runnymede Control Centre that covers the High Street and outer town centre locations.

Users meet quarterly to share information, discuss current town centre issues, agree best practice and develop the Scheme. The Police and town centre security Managers participate in these meetings.

Plans are in hand to roll out a system that will enable all BID Members to share securely crime related information via an app or the internet.

The Radio scheme was initiated and run by the Borough Council until July 2017 and since then it has been operated and developed  by the Business Improvement District (BID). It includes over 50 premises, operating around 60 radios. The scheme is being actively promoted to both BID and non-BID Members, with members enjoying discounted rental terms.

For further details please contact Tim Kita, Staisafe Coordinator at  or call 07850 918024.

Tim Kita
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Staisafe Manager
01784 441213
07850 918024
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