Bin stickers

If your bin contains the wrong items or the lid is not closed, we will leave you a sticker that lists examples of the items we cannot collect. You will need to remove the incorrect items and/or reduce the amount of rubbish in your bin before your next collection day. You can take excess rubbish to the Shepperton Community Recycling Centre (tip) or leave extra recycling next to your bin in a plastic bag. If you need to know which bin to put an item in, you can look it up using the recycling search tool.

Please help us keep your waste out of landfill by separating your recycling, rubbish, food and garden waste correctly.

Bin storage

Can I leave my bin out on the road or footpath?

Your bin should only be left out for emptying on the day of collection. The bin should then be moved back onto your property as soon as possible after emptying. If you leave bins out on the road, footpath or verge we can remove them and prosecute those causing the obstruction. The maximum court penalty for obstructing the highway contrary to Section 137 of the Highways Act 1980 is currently a £1000 fine. Full details of the Highways Act 1980 can be found on the legislation website.

Who do I report a bin to that has been left out on the street when it is not collection day?

Please report this to Neighbourhood Services and one of our Enforcement Officers will look into the matter and liaise with the householder concerned. If they continue to leave their bin out on the highway they may be prosecuted.

Can I use my bin or a traffic cone to reserve my parking space?

You cannot use your bin or a traffic cone to save your parking space. It is a criminal offence to leave an object on the highway without lawful consent (s46 Environmental Protection Act 1990).

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