Your property has been placed in one of eight valuation bands ranging from 'A' to 'H'.

What are the bands?

Valuation BandingRange of valuesPercentage payable compared to Band 'D'
AUp to £40,00066.6
BOver £40,000-£52,00077.7
COver £52,000-£68,00088.88
DOver £68,000-£88,000100
EOver £88,000-£120,000122.22
FOver £120,000-£160,000144.44
GOver £160,000-£320,000166.66
HOver £320,000200


If the Band 'D' charge was set for this area at £1000 those properties in Band 'A' would pay £1000 x 66.6% = £666. Band 'G' would pay £1000 x 166.6% = £1666 and so on.

Remember that anyone living alone and applying for a discount will have their bill reduced by 25%. Anyone on a low income can apply for up to 100% Council Tax Benefit.

If you move and your old address is subject to a banding change, we will send a revised account to your last known address. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to trace all previous occupiers and as such, if you believe your property may have been subject to a successful banding appeal, you should contact the Revenues Office who will be able to verify the details.

The responsibility for compiling the banding list lies with the Valuation Office Agency.

Council staff are not aware of the valuation of your property, only the band it has been placed in. You must contact the Valuation Office for further information regarding this.

The basis of the valuation is the estimated capital value of your dwelling as at 1 April 1991. You cannot appeal just because your house has lost value since then. However, if your property has undergone work that has resulted in a material change either increasing or decreasing the value, you may appeal. Where there has been a material change that increases the value, such as an extension, this will not be altered until the property is sold.

Your banding also assumes that your dwelling is in a reasonable state of repair.


Every charge payer is given the right to appeal. Anyone who has lived in the property since at least 1 April 1993 needed to appeal before 30 November 1993. However, all new occupiers have the right to appeal up to six months from the date of occupation.

Council Tax must be paid in full pending the outcome of any appeal.

The address of the office responsible for compiling the Banding List for the Borough of Spelthorne is:
CT South
Valuation Office Agency
St Anne's House
2 St Anne's Road
East Sussex
BN21 3LG
Telephone: 0300 050 1501

What counts as a dwelling?

Houses and flats will all count as dwellings, provided that they are at least partly used for domestic purposes. Mobile homes and houseboats generally count as dwellings. Certain properties, such as houses occupied by more than one household, where the residents share facilities such as kitchens or bathrooms, will generally count as one dwelling and the bill sent to the owner.

How are they valued?

In order to place all valuations on a common footing, a number of assumptions must be made and the legislation includes the following:

  • sale would be with vacant possession
  • house sold freehold
  • flats sold on a 99 year lease
  • the size, layout and character of the dwelling and the state of the locality were the same at 1 April 1991 as they were when the actual valuation took place
  • the dwelling was in a reasonable state of repair

All valuations fixed as at 1 April 1991