Your Council Tax payments for 2019/20 are shared between:

  • us, your local council - 10.6 percent
  • Surrey County Council - 75.8 percent
  • Surrey Police and Crime Commissioner (Surrey Police) - 13.6 percent

Council Tax 2019/20

We provide the following local services including:

  • collecting household waste and recycling
  • street cleaning
  • day centres for the elderly
  • community transport and meals
  • parks
  • CCTV and other measures to keep our borough safe
  • planning and building control

Surrey County Council provide the following services:

  • education
  • children's and adults' social care
  • libraries
  • fire and rescue
  • Trading Standards
  • public transport
  • roads maintenance

Surrey Police and Crime Commissioner (Surrey Police) cover policing services across the county.

How the 2018-2019 Council Tax increase has been calculated

 IncreaseBand DPercentageWeighted average increase
Surrey County Council5.99 percent£1411.2976.54.58 percent
Surrey Police and Crime Commissioner5.33 percent£236.5712.80.68 percent
Spelthorne Borough Council2.6 percent£197.4410.70.28 percent
Total £1845.30 5.54 percent