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Heathrow news releases

An image relating to Southern runway repairs
Heathrow are carrying out some repairs to the southern runway and these works begun on the 13 July 2020
An image relating to Council welcomes further Heathrow consultation
Spelthorne Borough Council has welcomed Heathrow Airport launching a further consultation in regards to their expansion plans
An image relating to Heathrow final consultation
Response to Final Consultation
An image relating to Spelthorne outlines its Heathrow expansion requirements
Spelthorne Council's Cabinet met on 11 September to discuss the Council's stance on Heathrow expansion
An image relating to Partnership to develop Southern Light Rail Proposals
Partnership to develop Southern Light Rail Proposals
An image relating to Land Referencing letters from Heathrow
Land Referencing letters from Heathrow
Spelthorne has responded to Heathrow's 'Airspace and Future Operations' consultation, which ran from 8 January to 4 March 2019. The consultation looked at options for both the existing two runways and how an expanded Heathrow with three runways could operate in the future
Heathrow expansion process - Spelthorne Council's concerns
An image relating to Southern Light Railway
Spelthorne Borough Council is continuing to back the Southern Light Railway as the best solution to improve rail access to Heathrow from the south and west
The Heathrow Community Engagement Board is running a survey for local residents

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