Wrapping paper and Christmas cards

Please put wrapping paper and cards in the rubbish bin

In the winter Bulletin we have asked you not to put Christmas cards and wrapping paper in your recycling bin. Please put them in your rubbish bin instead this Christmas.

The reason for this change is that most wrapping papers and many Christmas cards are now embossed or contain foil, plastic or glitter, making them unsuitable for recycling.  If these materials get in to the paper mill, they can ruin several tonnes of recycled paper.  At Christmas, the high volume of these materials causes a particular problem.

Please do continue to recycle all your other cardboard and paper over Christmas eg cardboard delivery boxes, empty chocolate and mince pie boxes, Christmas brochures, magazines and envelopes.

If you would like to recycle your wrapping paper, choose brown paper wrap and why not think of ways to reuse your cards and wrapping, like using them for crafts or for making next year's cards.

Thank you for recycling considerately and please visit our Christmas recycling page for more information about how to recycle correctly.