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Fordbridge Park Short51.4270N, 0.4767W
Fordbridge Park via Bronzefield and Shortwood Common51.4270N, 0.4767W
Shepperton Black Ditch Short via cemetery51.3900N, 0.4516W
Shepperton Black Ditch and Littleton Lakes (not cemetery)51.3900N, 0.4516W
Shepperton Black Ditch and Littleton Lakes via cemetery51.3900N, 0.4516W
Shepperton River Ash Estate51.3900N, 0.4516W
Shepperton Towpath and Dumsey Meadow51.3824N, 0.4612W
Littleton Recreation Ground and River Ash51.4020N, 0.4671W
Church Lammas Short51.4374N, 0.5222W
Church Lammas and Staines Moor51.4374N, 0.5222W
Runnymede Riverside from Lammas Park51.4374N, 0.5222W
Church Lammas Short from Swan Pub51.4440N, 0.5231W
Staines Moor from Swan Pub51.4440N, 0.5231W
Laleham Park via Moorhayes Drive and Abbey Drive51.3990N, 0.4898W
Laleham Riverside and Penton Hook51.3990N, 0.4898W
Notcutts and Penton Hook Short51.4168N, 0.4944W
Staines Riverside and Penton Hook (Wheatsheaf and Pigeon)51.4206N, 0.5085W
Staines Health Centre Loop51.429136N, 0.501202W
Stanwell Village Short51.4556N, 0.4783W
Stanwell Village and The Reservoir51.4556N, 0.4783W
Stanwell Moor and Hithermoor Stream51.4627N, 0.5025W
Stanwell Moor and T5 View51.4627N, 0.5025W
Staines Moor from Stanwell51.4627N, 0.5025W
Sunbury Park, Green Street, Thames Street, Walled Garden51.4072N, 0.4077W
Orchard Meadow, Walled Garden, Rope Walk, Salvation Army, TP26, Sunbury Park51.4072N, 0.4077W
Orchard Meadow, Sunbury Park, School Walk, Halliford Road, Walled Garden51.4072N, 0.4077W
Orchard Meadow, Walled Garden, School Walk, Upper Halliford, Grange Farm51.4072N, 0.4077W
Upper Halliford and Squires Garden Centre51.3999N, 0.4286W
Charlton Circular and Nutty wood51.3999N, 0.4286W
Bushy Park Diana Fountain, Hampton Wick and Teddington Gates51.4116N, 0.3336W
Bushy Park Diana Fountain, Woodland Gardens and Willow Plantation51.4116N, 0.3336W
Bushy Park Diana Fountain and Home Park51.4116N, 0.3336W
Bushy Park Pheasantry Car Park Start plus Water Garden51.4160N, 0.3385W
Bedfont Lakes51.4414N, 0.4524W
Chertsey Meads51.3851N, 0.4857W
Chertsey Abbey51.3975N, 0.5076W
Chertsey and the River Bourne51.3975N, 0.5076W
Cowey Sale to The Weir Pub and back51.3855N, 0.4312W
Cowey Sale and Desborough Island51.3855N, 0.4312W
Cowey Sale to Xcel Leisure Centre and back51.3855N, 0.4312W
Cowey Sale to Weybridge Lock51.3855N, 0.4312W
The Weybridge Lock Circular51.3818N, 0.4530W
Hurst Park to Hampton Court and back51.4107N, 0.3598W
Hurst Park to Hampton Court and back (extended)51.4107N, 0.3598W
Hurst Park to Sunbury Lock Weir Pub and back51.4107N, 0.3598W
Xcel Leisure Centre (Walton) to Sunbury Lock and back51.3980N, 0.4125W
Harmondsworth Moor51.4884N, 0.4862W


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