Affordable Housing Requirements

The Council's main affordable housing requirements are set out in Policy HO3 of the Council's Core Strategy and Policies Development Plan Document (DPD).

This policy aims to ensure that 40% of all new housing in the Borough is affordable. It seeks to achieve this by:

  • negotiating for up to 50 percent affordable units on developments of 15 or more dwellings or sites of 0.5ha or larger
  • encouraging registered social providers to bring forward smaller sites for wholly affordable housing

Within the 50% requirement at least 65% of the units should be for rent.

Whilst Policy HO4 requires any development to include at least 80% of the total dwellings to be 1 or 2 bedroom, the Council's housing needs are such that any affordable units provided should comprise two thirds 2 bed (four person) units and one third 3 bed (five person) units.

Offsite provision of affordable housing will only be acceptable where it is demonstrated on site provision is not achievable. A financial contribution in lieu of offsite provision will only be accepted where it is demonstrated off-site provision of housing is not feasible.

Supporting information

Where a developer cannot provide a 50% contribution financial information must be submitted which demonstrates why not. Such information will need to include details of the purchase price of the site, existing use value of the site, details of build costs and expected sale price of the new units. This information will need to be publicly available alongside all other details of the planning application. The Council's consultant valuer will advise the Council on the submitted information.

Further information

For further information about the Council's requirements on affordable housing please email Housing Strategy.

For further information about planning issues relating to prospective affordable housing schemes please contact the Assistant Head of Planning.