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Spelthorne Council is aware that there is growing public concern about depleting natural resources, deforestation, climate change and plastic waste in our oceans.

At the Knowle Green offices, there is an organisational drive towards staff and councillors reducing the amount they print and working towards becoming paperless. All single use plastic cups have been replaced with recyclable paper versions. We have introduced electric charging points for vehicles and we are in the process of changing the lighting and windows to improve the energy efficiency of the Council building. The Community Centres are also contributing to our energy saving initiatives by using solar power.

Weekly collections of food waste, textiles and small electricals mean that these items are diverted from landfill. This avoids greenhouse gases, which negatively affect climate change, being released in to the atmosphere.

We regularly remind residents about what items they can and can't recycle. Road shows have been hosted around the Borough and at schools over a number of years, specifically targeting the problems with plastic waste, food waste and contaminated recycling.

For the past 15 years, we have hosted an Eco Conference with charismatic environmentalist Phil Williams. These engaging talks inspire children from primary and secondary schools to think about the impact deforestation in the Amazon and our lifestyles have across the world.

Councillor Daxa Patel, Portfolio Holder for Environment and Compliance, said:

"We are grateful to our residents who recycle and reuse as much as they can. These are just a few examples of how the Council is contributing to the efforts being made by our Borough. In the New Year, we will be continuing to implementing strategies to reduce our environmental impact and promote a sustainable future."