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Spelthorne Council does not licence Buskers in this Borough, however, we have produced a leaflet to provide information and advice.

Buskers code

Buskers and other forms of street entertainment can help to create a colourful and cheerful atmosphere and give great delight to both residents and visitors.

However for those living or working in the town centre, busking can become intrusive or annoying and may lead to nuisance, in which case the Environmental Health Department may well receive complaints about noise.

This leaflet describes the legal controls over busking and provides some guidance concerning ways of avoiding noise disturbance from this form of entertainment.

The law

Under the provisions of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 as empowered by the Statutory Nuisance Act 1997 noise from equipment used in the streets can be dealt with as a statutory nuisance by the Borough Council, who have powers to take action against those who create or allow the nuisance to happen.

Equipment" includes amplified musical instruments and the Act can apply if a busker is singing with any form of amplification system.

What you should know

If you find you are being disturbed by buskers, either outside your place of work or where you live, contact the Council.

The address and telephone number of the Council are given below.

Buskers Code

If you are a busker in the Spelthorne area adopt the following code:

  • keep the volume at a reasonable level
  • don't obstruct the flow of pedestrians. You could be arrested/prosecuted if you do
  • in Staines, the area between the High Street entrance of the Elmsleigh Centre and the walkway to Two Rivers must not be used

    Remember crowds can cause this problem when gathering to listen or watch.
  • move to another pitch after an hour which will help to prevent complaints from local shopkeepers
  • don't make use of street furniture such as lamp posts, public seats etc for your performance
  • avoid sites near to public telephone boxes, post boxes or doorways, as this will make it
    difficult for these to be used property
  • no selling is permitted by buskers
  • contributions must not be solicited. This is begging and you could be arrested / prosecuted if
    you do

If you need further information or advice, please contact:

Licensing Team
Spelthorne Borough Council
Knowle Green
TW18 1XB

Direct line: 01784 444202