Fly tipping

Dumping waste where it is not allowed is a criminal offence and you could face a very large fine or imprisonment.

We treat this problem very seriously and will prosecute anyone who is caught.

Please remember that:

  • fly tipping carries a fine of up to £50,000 and/or one year imprisonment
  • a serious case that goes to Crown Court carries an unlimited fine and a prison term of up to five years
  • if you give permission for fly tipping to occur on land you are responsible for, you will be open to investigation and prosecution
  • if you give waste to another person for disposal you must check if that person is authorised to carry waste and where the waste is going. If the waste is subsequently fly tipped you will be open to investigation and prosecution
  • if you are the registered keeper of a vehicle used for fly tipping, you can be prosecuted. This means that it is possible for a prosecution to occur when only the vehicle, not the driver, is identifiable

If you see any dumped rubbish, please give as much information as possible about the type and quantity of waste and its location to Neighbourhood Services by completing our online form.

Preventing fly tipping

Remember that large items of waste can be taken away by our special refuse collection.

If you give waste to anyone else ensure they are authorised to carry it. Ask for their carrier's authorisation. You can check online or by telephoning 08708 506506.

Ask where the waste is going. Use the waste directory online to check legitimate sites.

Ask for a receipt detailing where the waste is going, vehicle details, carriers authorisation number - this is a legal obligation if you are in business but is good practice if you are a private householder. If you are a business and need to know more about protecting your environment use Netregs online.

Can the waste be taken by the Council special refuse collection for large items.

Reporting fly tipped material

Contact Neighbourhood Services to report fly tipping or complete our online form.

Material dumped on private land is the land owner's responsibility and you will need to clear the waste, however we will investigate and if possible prosecute the person responsible for the deposit.

Information about large fly tipped waste may be forwarded to the Environment Agency.

Witnessing fly tipping

If you witness fly tipping or fly tipped rubbish; any information that you can provide will greatly assist us in our fight against this illegal activity.

To assist investigations it would be helpful if you could record the details and report them immediately. All information is valuable to us and will be treated confidentially. If you can take photos (eg camera phones) please do so.