Burglar alarms

If you are being disturbed by a burglar alarm, what you can do

During office hours

Contact Environmental Health (office hours 9am-5.30pm Monday-Thursday and 5pm on a Friday)

  • we will make every effort to contact the keyholder or owner of the property. if this is not possible, or they are not contactable, and the alarm is still causing a statutory nuisance we will serve a notice and undertake to immobilise the alarm
  • the Council can recover all costs involved in disabling a burglar alarm

Outside office hours

In the first instance:

  • try and find a contact number for the owner/occupier of the property
  • some alarm boxes display the alarm company name. Try searching online for a contact number as a service contract may exist and they may visit to silence the alarm
  • if you have exhausted all avenues and you feel that there is enough impact, you may consider phoning the Police

Installing an intruder alarm

If you install an alarm you are advised to ensure that:

  • it meets BS4737 for the installation, operation and maintenance of the alarm
  • it is fitted with a 20 minute cut-off device
  • it is not a legal requirement to register key-holders, however, a scheme exists where (for a small annual charge) details of keyholders can be kept. This scheme is run by an independent company and endorsed by the Surrey Police.

Note: If your alarm meets certain criteria you may be eligible for a discount on your home insurance.