Car alarms

Car alarm going off what should I do?

During office hours

Telephone Environmental Health (office hours 9am-5.30pm Monday - Thursday and 5pm on a Friday)

  • please provide the vehicle make, model and registration number
  • if the alarm is going off intermittently, we will write to the owner and ask they deal with the matter urgently
  • if the alarm is going off continuously, we will make every effort to contact the registered keeper of the vehicle. If this is not possible, or they are not contactable, and the alarm is still causing a statutory nuisance we will serve a notice and undertake to immobilise the alarm or have the car removed to a secure pound

Outside office hours

  • the Council has no out of hours service to deal with noise from alarms, therefore, in the first instance
  • if you know the owner of the vehicle an initial approach may resolve the situation. If you don't know the owner, try asking a neighbour, they may be able to provide the owner's contact details. The sooner you can establish who the owner is, the sooner the alarm can be silenced
  • consider speaking to the Police if all else fails

How can I prevent my car alarm from being a problem

  • have the alarm system regularly serviced and repaired
  • always ensure that your windows and doors are fully closed when locking the car - wind entering the car can easily set off the alarm