Noise from DIY or domestic home improvements

If you are disturbed by noise from DIY

  • first, try to discuss your concerns with your neighbour, they may not realise their DIY activities are disturbing you
  • if you feel unable to approach them directly try writing a polite letter, remember to keep a copy
  • if relations between you and your neighbour have deteriorated and the DIY is just an additional problem you may decide the best approach is to consider mediation

Making a complaint to us

We will need you to provide the following:

  • details of where the noise is coming from, the house number and street address
  • what time is the noise happening, eg late at night
  • your name, address and contact telephone number

We will write to the address where the noise is happening and let them know we have had a complaint. We ask them to ring in to discuss this further with us. We will also ask you to fill in log sheets with the dates and the times of when the noise is occurring. This helps us decide if it is a statutory nuisance.

Environmental Health only take action where they are satisfied a statutory nuisance exists. 'Statutory nuisance' is defined by case law and therefore regularly updated by the Courts and not easy to describe. However, as a general guide the noise should be an ongoing state of events; and have a major impact on your life not merely causing annoyance.

Action we can take

If from your logs sheets it shows there may be a Statutory Nuisance then we will look at taking further action. This could be putting noise recording equipment in or an officer visiting to witness the noise and assess if the noise constitutes a nuisance.

If a nuisance is confirmed we will serve a Noise Abatement Notice preventing further noise nuisance. Failure to comply with a Noise Abatement Notice is a criminal offence.

Doing DIY

  • try not to start too early, or finish too late - particularly during a weekend
  • try to keep noisier work for the middle of the day
  • contact your neighbours and advise them what you are doing together with the times you anticipate doing any noisier work. Giving notice may well avoid any complaint