Aircraft noise

The Borough has no control over aircraft movements, as aircraft noise was made exempt from nuisance legislation back in the1920s. Although the Borough is consulted on any changes to operating procedures at Heathrow and consider these consultations carefully.

The airport's Flight Evaluation unit (telephone 0800 344844)  deals with complaints and can also be contacted for advice if you are considering purchasing a house in the area, ie they can advise on whether or not the house location is under a flight path.

Operational procedures and mitigation measures employed at Heathrow

Two main runways are normally used at Heathrow Airport, the runways are orientated West/East at the North and South of the airport. A diagonal runway is very occasionally used in conditions of high cross winds or in emergencies. Take-offs occur on one runway with landings on the other.

Runway usage is alternated at 3pm eg the southern runway could be used for take-offs during the period 6.30am until 3pm with landings on the northern runway will have landings on the southern until 11.30pm. The system is further alternated on a weekly basis. Fines are incurred for excessive noise.

Night flights

There has never been a complete ban on night flights at Heathrow Airport.