Dust / fumes / gases

Best practicable means should be employed at all times to prevent dust emissions.

Construction sites and Demolition Sites:

  • close neighbours should be informed in advance of any works to be carried out which may affect them
  • care should be taken to minimise dust production

Other commercial sites

  • prevent dust exiting your property on vehicle wheels by installing wheel washers and regularly sweeping the yard clean
  • any materials that are not contained and therefore could become airborne should be dampened

Warm dry weather is the worst time

During these periods it may be wise to use extra precautions to suppress dust, especially as neighbouring residents spend more of their time outdoors and have their windows and doors open.

Dust on Spelthorne's roads

Pollution Control has no powers regarding dust deposits on roads. This is a Surrey County Council Highways Department matter and will be investigated if the deposits are endangering safety to road users.  You can report problems using their online form.