Spelthorne Borough Council will be collecting your personal data which you provide when you contact us about the Community Safety Consultation and participate in the questionnaire. This forms part of understanding the ongoing situation in the borough. Feedback will guide partnership activities for the forthcoming year and will form part of the community safety strategy.

If you would not like to participate in the questionnaire alternatively you can email your comments to community.safety@spelthorne.gov.uk or write to; Communications, Spelthorne Borough Council, Knowle Green, Staines Upon Thames, TW18 1XB.

How we use your information

  • the Council will use the data provided to reply to any emails, letters or phone calls you make about community safety issues, and/or
  • carry out consultations on community safety
  • our legal basis for processing your personal data is under public task, as local authorities have a duty to consult its local residents when undertaking a new strategy. This is to factor in residents of the Boroughs concerns or suggestions into the community safety strategy. For consultations, the Council uses https://consult.spelthorne.gov.uk/, which is a web-based user-friendly consultation application, based in the UK.  Your information is collected and kept by this application when you take part in a consultation.  There is further information available to you in the terms and conditions on https://www.spelthorne.gov.uk/cookies 
  • the council will anonymise the questionnaire responses and retain them for a maximum of 6 years from the date the information was collected. This is detailed in the Councils retention policy found here https://www.spelthorne.gov.uk/article/16835/Retention-Schedules. The Council will retain the responses via email and post for a maximum of 6 years so to retain the integrity of the data used in the formulation of the relevant policies / strategies

If you have any concerns or queries about how we collect your data please contact Spelthorne Borough Council's Data Protection Officer at data.protection@spelthorne.gov.uk

For further information about how the Council uses your personal data, including your rights as a data subject, please see exercising your data protection rights on the Council's website.

You also have the right to make a complaint to the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO). This is an independent body responsible for making sure that organisations comply with Data Protection legislation.

The ICO will always expect you to have raised your concerns with us before submitting a complaint.