Private rented housing complaints

Homes should provide a safe and healthy environment for residents and visitors. Both tenants and landlords have responsibilities to ensure that this is the case.

Write to your landlord

As a tenant, if you feel that your property is not safe or healthy, your landlord has the responsibility to put this right, you should in the first instance write to your landlord.

There is new legislation in place which may protect you from being evicted if you have complained to us about your housing conditions and your landlord then decides to evict you.

You must have put your complaint in writing to your landlord giving them 14 days to respond.  We have a standard letter you could use, please see below. If you do not hear back from your landlord or are given notice to quit you can contact us. See more information below about retaliatory evictions.

We encourage tenants and landlords to build up a good relationship so that any hazards and necessary repairs are reported and carried out accordingly.

Type of complaints we can look into

Some of the examples of the types of issues we deal with are; broken boiler; lack of heating insulation; damp and mould; leaking roof; uneven flooring and general property disrepair.

What actions can we take?

  • visit the property and carry out an inspection
  • write to the landlord with a list of defects to fix
  • serve an improvement notice requiring remedial works be completed within a certain time if works are not carried out

Retaliatory eviction

Retaliatory eviction is when a landlord tries to evict you after you ask for repairs or complain to us about conditions in your home.

This might affect you if you're a private tenant with an assured shorthold tenancy.

A change in the law could make it harder for some landlords to do this. The change affects assured shorthold tenancies that started or were renewed on or after 1 October 2015.

If your tenancy started before 1 October 2015, there's no special protection that prevents your landlord evicting you if you complain about repairs.