Does my proposed building work require building regulations approval?

Unless exempt as outlined in the next section, the following building work is subject to control under building regulations:

  • new buildings
  • extensions to buildings
  • alterations to a building

    a) altering the internal or external structure of a building, including
    i) the removal of a loadbearing wall or partition
    ii) re-roofing a building
    b) insertion of insulation material in external cavity walls
    c) underpinning a building (or part)
    d) alterations to means of escape in case of fire
    e) alterations to the fire safety of a building in respect of
    i) internal fire spread - structure and linings
    ii) external fire spread - walls and roofs
    iii) access and facilities for the fire service
    f) alterations to access and facilities for the disabled

Installation, extension or alteration of a controlled service
a) installation of a septic tank drainage system
b) installation of boiler and chimney/flue pipe
c) installation of fittings and appliances such as WC's, showers, baths, etc including associated drainage.