Street trading consents

We operate a consent scheme for Street Trading. This means that you need to obtain a Street Trading Consent from the Licensing section of the Environmental Health Department before you can trade in a designated area in the Borough.

There are certain areas in the Borough where trading is prohibited. A document containing a list of these streets is available below.

If you intend to street trade in food, eg ice cream, burger van etc, then you need to contact us for further advice as you will also need to be registered with the Environmental Health food team.

Consents are issued subject to a set of standard conditions, generally for a period of one year and are not transferable. They are renewable at the expiry of the licence period, unless a licence holder ceases trading.

An application form stating the name and address of the applicant together with the details of the consent required must be completed and forwarded to the licensing section.

Completed forms should be accompanied by the appropriate fee (please see table of fees and charges).  The council will then consult with certain bodies such as the police, Surrey County Council, local traders and the relevant chamber of commerce and consider any representations before determining your application.


The following types of trading are excluded from the definition of street trading and those traders are not required to obtain a licence or consent. They may also trade in a street designated as a prohibited street:-

  • trading by a person acting as a pedlar
  • anything done in a market or fair the right to hold which was acquired by virtue of a grant, enactment or order
  • trading in a trunk road picnic area
  • trading as a news vendor subject to a restriction upon articles sold and the type of stall used
  • trading which is carried on at petrol filling stations or at premises used as a shop or in a street adjoining premises so used and as part of the business of the shop
  • roundsmen
  • the use for trading under the Highways Act 1980 of an object or structure placed on, in or over a highway (pavement cafes etc). The operation of facilities for recreation or refreshment under the Highways Act 1980
  • street collection