House mice

Generally the mouse species that can cause problems in the UK is the house mouse. Other species such as the wood mouse and the field mouse sometimes enter houses, but are more common in sheds and garages.


  • the adult House Mouse is 3-3.75 inches (7-9 cms) long
  • they are grey, brown or black in colour. House mice can live and breed in houses where they can access food and water


Mice can spread disease, particularly salmonella and other food poisoning organisms mainly as a result of their indiscriminate feeding habits. They damage and contaminate food with their droppings and urine Mice cause property damage, particularly by gnawing timber, plastic pipes and electrical installations with resultant risks of flooding and fires. Mice nests have also been responsible for blocking drains.


It is a legal requirement that the owner/occupier of any land or property takes all reasonable measures to ensure any infestation is eradicated.
The essential requirement of any infestation by mice is a food supply and therefore it is important that all food is properly stored, refuse properly contained until disposal and that a good standard of housekeeping is maintained.

Spelthorne Council provides a service for the treatment of domestic premises infested with mice at a subsidised rate. Should you require a treatment, please complete the online form or contact Customer Services..