Maggots and flies


  • maggots are the larvae stage of the common housefly

How to avoid maggots and flies in your bin

  • if possible keep your bin in a shaded place in your garden and out of full sun
  • make sure that your wheeled bin lid is closed properly, remember if it is open just a few millimetres a fly can enter
  • clear plates away immediately after a meal, do not leave plates containing leftover food
  • always wrap and double wrap food waste in newspaper before placing in your kitchen bin
  • ensure that your kitchen bin has a tight fitting lid and that it is always closed when not in use
  • use a dustbin/wheelie bin liner, and ensure that after you have deposited waste in it, the top is folded or tied in order to stop flies getting in
  • dispose of solid waste from disposable nappies down the toilet and then fasten the nappy tightly on itself, and double bag, before placing in the bin. The use of 'real nappies' is much more eco-friendly and cheaper in the long run that using disposables, and will reduce the amount of waste in your residual bin
  • avoid leaving pet food uncovered all day, remove it as soon as possible
  • do not leave excess waste around the wheeled bin, dispose of it as soon as possible at the Community Recycling Centre (tip) in Shepperton