Psocids or Booklice


Psocids (pronounced so-sids) otherwise known as booklice are tiny.


  • psocids are not caused by poor hygiene and are just as common in clean homes both old and new
  • their preference is to live in dark, warm, humid places eg folds of packaging in food cupboards - they dislike light and disturbance
  • as psocids prefer areas of high humidity they are often found in kitchens where fitted cupboards and food products provide the moisture and darkness that attracts them
  • psocids increase rapidly in warm conditions so summer/autumn is the time of year they are likely to be discovered

Control of Psocid infestations

If you discover psocids in your food:

  • do not use insecticides because of the danger of contaminating food
  • dispose of all infested packages in an outside waste bin
  • thoroughly clean the cupboards using a vacuum cleaner