• slugs are molluscs (soft bodied animals without internal skeletons)


  • slugs sometimes enter houses
  • they are quite harmless (excepting damage to plants)


  • first examine under the sink and seal any gaps, in external walls or solid floors, around the sink waste pipe and the cold water supply pipe
  • inspect the external walls of the house at, and just above ground level
  • seal any gaps in the pointing, under doorsteps and around waste and gas pipes with sand and cement or mastic. (Airbricks must not be sealed as ventilation is required under the floor to prevent dry rot)
  • use slug pellets to kill as many slugs as possible out of doors and so reduce the numbers available to enter the house
  • make sure to follow the instructions on the packet regarding the handling of slug pellets and the protection of domestic animals/pets should be followed
  • do not use pellets indoors as the pellets not only kill slugs but also attract them