The adult grey squirrel is approximately 250mm long (10 inches), with a tail 230mm (9 inches) long. It weighs about 500 grams (just over 1 lb.).

What problems do they cause?

Squirrels cause damage through their gnawing and their search for food. They are not thought to carry human diseases but they can still bite if they are cornered or frightened. If you do get bitten it may be wise to seek medical advice in case it is decided that you need an injection against tetanus. Squirrels may pass fleas on to domestic animals but this can be treated using animal flea treatments.

How can I control them?

If squirrels are infesting a roof space, then they can be denied access by sealing up all access routes using chicken wire securely fixed in place. You must make sure that there are no young or adult squirrels in the roof space before carrying out proofing works so that you do not trap them in the loft. Carrying out proofing in November or December will avoid the breeding season.

Spelthorne Council does not offer a service for dealing with infestations of squirrels, but we can pass the details to our Pest Control Contractor who can give you a quote.