Street cleaning

We are responsible for the cleaning of all public roads, the provision and emptying of litter bins, removal of graffiti from public buildings and also for the removal of fly tipping from public footways and verges.

Town and village centres, together with other heavily used areas, are cleaned either daily or weekly dependant on how busy they are. Most other streets in Spelthorne are litter picked at least once every 60 working days. Some areas, which require traffic management to be in place before litter clearance can start, will only be cleaned when resources are available.

Littering and deposit of litter on any land is an offence which can result in a fine of up to £2,500.

To report a littered area, please complete our street cleaning form or contact Neighbourhood Services.

Street sweeping

The road channels (gutters) of most kerbed roads are swept every 20 days to remove any grit, litter and general dirt. In some roads the effectiveness of sweeping is limited by parked cars. During the autumn, extra sweeping is carried out in roads that are most affected by leaf fall, the roads currently covered are:


  • Kenton Avenue
  • The Avenue
  • Manor Lane
  • French Street
  • Darby Gardens
  • Bramwell Close



  • Fordbridge Road
  • Govett Avenue
  • Manygate Lane
  • Church Road
  • Chertsey Road up to Renfree Way



  • Petersfield Avenue
  • Petersfield Road
  • Strodes Crescent
  • Kenilworth Gardens
  • Glebe Road
  • Rookery Road
  • Greenlands Road
  • Rosefield Road
  • Sidney Road
  • Meadway
  • Avondale Avenue
  • Wheatsheaf Lane
  • Penton Road
  • St Olaves Close



  • Village Way
  • Parkland Grove
  • Clifford Grove
  • Meadway
  • Park Road

To report problems with sweeping of gutters or leaves or if your road is not on this list but you believe it should be considered, please contact Neighbourhood Services.