Ash Link Nature Reserve

Ash Link Local Nature Reserve, the first nature reserve in Spelthorne, was officially opened by the Mayor of Spelthorne in June 2012.

It is managed by volunteers from Spelthorne Natural History Society in partnership with the Borough Council, who own the land.

It is in Shepperton, either side of the M3, with Splash Meadow to the south-east (off Old Charlton Road) and Nutty Wood to the north-west (off Nutty Lane).

The two sites are linked by a pedestrian bridge and they contain a variety of wildlife as well as mixed woodland, wildflower glades, ponds and the River Ash.

Conservation work over the years  has helped to increase the *biodiversity of the area and apart from monitoring and recording the wealth of species, the volunteers continue to enhance the sites for the benefit of wildlife and enjoyment by members of the public.

Contact: Peter Routley Tel: 01932 232344