Council Tax team standards

  • to process all reported changes within 10 working days including all correspondence, direct debit changes, discount and exemption applications. On the reverse of all adjustment notices from us we invite customers to comment on the service they have received
  • to process all refund applications via BACS within five working days
  • all new occupiers will receive a bill within 14 days of notifying us and with the new bill will be a welcome pack which includes a direct debit, and a leaflet showing all available discounts plus a leisure guide
  • we offer a range of payment methods including: direct debit (including setting this up over the telephone), standing order, telephone banking, payment over the web, payment by cash at a local shop or at the Post Office, payment at the Council's cashiers desk, payment by cheque through the post or at the post office
  • we will send reminders when instalments become due with a leaflet providing further information
  • opening hours - for telephone or enquiry desk calls - 8.30am to 5pm Monday to Thursday and to 4.45pm on Fridays. All staff will wear name badges
  • telephone enquiries - we will try and answer your calls within five rings and staff will give their name at the beginning of the call
  • we actively promote electronic contact and encourage customers to do so by e-mail.

We regularly provide information to our customers through the issue of leaflets, the Borough Bulletin and on the Council's website. This information includes how the team is performing in the collection of council tax, more information on policies, procedures and who to contact for help and advice.