Second Adult Rebate (SAR)

or Alternative Maximum Council Tax Support

You may claim SAR if you are the liable person for Council Tax and other adult(s) live in your home who are on low income. For example

  • Single Parent with adult son/daughter(s) on income support, low wages or benefits/pensions.
  • Single Liable Person with adult sister/brother(s) or friend on income support, low wages, or benefits/pensions.

You may not claim if the other adult has capital (savings) over £16,000.

You may not claim benefit if the other adult is:

  • your partner
  • your lodger
  • your tenant
  • your subtenant
  • a joint owner
  • disregarded for Council Tax
  • a jointly liable person for Council Tax
  • under age 18

Reductions in Council Tax range from 7.5% to 25% dependant on the income of the second adult.

A claim form can be obtained by contacting Housing Benefits.