Spelthorne Together structure

The Local Strategic Partnership (LSP) has three main components, as set out below.

The Executive

This group monitors implementation of the Community Plan. The following organisations are currently represented on the Spelthorne Together Executive:

In addition, there are four representatives of local residents' associations, two from the north of the Borough, one from the south and one from Stanwell/Stanwell Moor.

The Assembly

This is a wider body that meets every year to discuss partnership issues, such as ideas for future projects and monitors overall success.

Anybody can join the Assembly. If you would like to attend future Assembly meetings, please contact the Community Development Manager.

Strategy Groups

These are thematic partnerships that develop and monitor action plans relating to particular sections of the Community Plan and feed up to the Spelthorne Together Executive. The groups are:

Spelthorne Safer Stronger Partnership
Children and Young People's Partnership
Health and Well Being
Economic Development

For further information, please contact the Community Development Manager.