Reduce your waste

Simple changes can make a big difference and save you money:

  • plan meals, buy less, only cook what you need, freeze foods and use up leftovers
  • use sandwich boxes for your packed lunch instead of plastic bags
  • use refillable drinks bottles, pens, pencils, sprays and cartridges
  • reuse plastic bags or reusable shopping bags and avoid pre-packed items
  • pass on unwanted clothes, toys, games, comics and books to friends or charity shops
  • donate magazines to hairdressers, doctors and dentists and reuse envelopes
  • use a food digester or our food waste caddies and collection service
  • use a compost bin or our garden waste collection service
  • take unwanted medicines back to the chemist for them to dispose of
  • use energy saving light bulbs, re-chargeable batteries and reusable nappies

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