Adopted Local Plan

From 28 September 2007 only 8 of the 138 policies and 5 of the 35 proposals in the Local Plan were saved by virtue of a Direction issued by the Secretary of State dated 21 September 2007.

Following adoption of the Core Strategy and Policies DPD on 26 February 2009 saved policies RU8 (Plotlands) and BE14 (Protected Urban Open Space) ceased to have effect and have been replaced by policies EN2 and EN4 respectively.

The Allocations DPD was adopted on 17 December 2009 and the saved proposals, P7, P8, P11, P12 and P17, ceased to have effect from that date.

The remaining six saved policies are extant and form part of the Development Plan for the Borough.  These are set out in the Saved Policies document.

The whole Local Plan Document is still available to view.  However, planning applications are now determined on the basis of the adopted Core Strategy and Policies DPD and the saved policies and proposals of the Local Plan 2001.