Noise from early morning rubbish collections

Rubbish collections can be noisy and difficulties can arise in residential areas where the noise from vehicle engines and tipping can cause disturbance to those living close by.

Waste collections from commercial premises

These are not carried out by the Council. Businesses hire their own contractors. Environmental Health discourage commercial waste companies from making noisy collections in residential areas before 7.30am or after 10pm Monday to Saturday or before 9am or after 9pm on Sundays and Bank holidays.

What can I do if I am disturbed by commercial collections during the early hours?

  • identify the address of the premises where the collection is taking place and the company carrying out the waste collection, make a note of the date and time and, if possible, the vehicle registration number
  • contact the company concerned and report the problem, make a note of the date you made the call, the name of the person you spoke to and any complaint reference number you are given

    For your information we have listed below contact details of the main waste contractors that operate within the Spelthorne area.

    Veolia website
    Customer Services (for the South East): 0845 6060 460

    Grundon website
    Customer Services: 01753 683277

    Grundon online contact form

    Biffa website
    Telephone: 0800 601 601 (from a land line) - select option 1 'service' which will automatically direct you through to your local depot who will take the details of your complaint.

    Chambers website
    Telephone: 01483 504595

    Allow two weeks for any changes to be implemented. If there is no improvement contact Environmental Health (Domestic). Remember when you register a complaint with us to provide details of any information you have gathered and the action you have taken so far. We can then investigate the matter on your behalf.