Universal Credit

The UK Government is going to combine a number of current working age benefits into one benefit which will be known as Universal Credit.

One of the benefits to be included in Universal Credit for a working age claimant will be Housing Benefit.

Universal Credit will be administered by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) NOT the Local Authority and it will be paid monthly in arrears as a single payment to the household.

The introduction of Universal Credit for all working age claimants is taking place over a number of years.

For Spelthorne residents if you are a single person or a couple and you are making a new claim for benefit, you should be required to make a claim for Universal Credit from November 2018. 

Existing working age Housing Benefit claims will be migrated to Universal Credit in the future and this is scheduled from 2019 onwards. You will be notified by the DWP when you have been chosen to transfer to Universal Credit.

Once you are claiming Universal Credit with the DWP / Job Centre you can ask to be referred for personal budgeting advice. This facility will be available if you feel that you may need help during the transition period in dealing with your personal monthly finances. The Local Authority will supply this service for Universal Credit claimants when it is requested on their Universal Credit application.