What happens to the recycled items?


Our banks accept newspapers, magazines, junk mail, office paper, catalogues, envelopes, telephone directories, yellow pages and cardboard.  The bales of recycled paper will be sent to paper mills and made into new paper products such as cardboard.


The collected glass is crushed before it is taken to a glass manufacturer to make new bottles and jars. Glass can be recycled over and over again without any loss of quality which means we can save natural resources by putting all glass bottles into the banks.


Our banks will take aluminium and steel cans but do not take aerosols. The cans should be washed and squashed before you put them into the bank. Once collected they are baled and sent for reprocessing.


Residents can recycle cartons (Tetrapak and other paper based food/drinks cartons) at the following three locations: Emsleigh Surface Car Park in Staines, The Avenue Car Park in Sunbury and Charlton Lane Community Recycling Centre in Shepperton. 

Otherwise, cartons should be put in your rubbish bin (please crush them first).   Unfortunately, they cannot currently be recycled in your light green kerbside recycling bin.  This is because they are lined with plastic and it is difficult to separate the two types of material for recycling.  The cartons collected at recycling banks are transported to a specialist plant in Yorkshire where the two materials are separated before they can be recycled. 

Small electrical equipment

We offer a weekly small electrical recycling service for kettles, hairdryers, irons, radios, small DIY tools, electronic toys, phones, remote controls, VCRs, digiboxes, electronic toothbrushes, shavers, hair straighteners and clocks.

Large electrical items should be taken to Shepperton Community Recycling Centre. This includes items such as televisions, computers, microwave ovens and washing machines

To learn more about the recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) please visit the Recycle Now website

Books and music

The banks accept good quality books, records, DVDs, CDs and videos. The banks are provided on the behalf of the British Heart Foundation.