Allotments in Ashford

Ashford Close

Location: Ashford Close off Woodthorpe Road, Ashford

Number of plotsMains water

Our smallest allotment site. Access is via a pathway between the bordering households. There is no car park on site.

Ashford Clumps

Location: Ashford Clumps, Feltham Road, opposite The Clumps, Feltham

Number of plotsMains water

This site is located just on the other side of the Spelthorne border in Feltham, however it is owned and run by Spelthorne Council. There is a small car park on site.

Shortwood North

Location: Off Priory Green, Staines-upon-Thames

This is a self-managed site and is located at the end of the rough track bordering the southern end of Shortwood Common

Number of plotsMains water

This is our second largest site and one of our more remote. As well as the main car entrance there is a footpath entrance in the south-west corner of the site. It is bordered by Staines by-pass and the railway line on two sides.

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