Authorised processes

The Council must by law regulate certain types of factory and other activities such as dry cleaners. This is to reduce any pollution they may cause and, in particular, to help improve air quality.

There are about 80 different types of installation which would need a permit. Glassworks and foundries, rendering plant and maggot breeders, petrol stations and concrete crushers, sawmills and paint manufacturers, are some of the sorts regulated.

Other installations (known as 'Part A1') are regulated by the Environment Agency. They are usually larger or more complex.

The operator of one of these installations must apply for a permit. He or she must pay a fee for doing so. All processes are inspected regularly by both the Council and the operator to ensure compliance. The better the environmental performance of the business, the lower the fees payable to the Council. Frequency of inspection is based on the level of environmental risk and the operator's past performance in managing the process.