What is a smoke control zone?

In a smoke control area, it is an offence to allow smoke to be emitted from a chimney, regardless of the colour of the smoke. However, if an authorised fuel is being burnt it is accepted that occasionally small amounts of light smoke may be produced.

Lists of authorised fuels and exempted fireplaces can be found at on the DEFRA website. For a current list of approved solid fuel products and services you can contact the Heating Equipment and Approval Scheme (HETAS) by telephone on 0845 634 5626 or via their website.

To report smoke from a chimney, please contact Pollution Control. If the address is in a smoke control zone then we will write to the occupants highlighting the law. If the address is not in a smoke control zone we will require you to fill out log sheets and the complaint will be treated in the same way as a bonfire complaint.

Is my house in a smoke control zone?

Most of the Borough is in a smoke control zone. You can find out if your house is covered by a smoke control order by going to My Spelthorne. Once you type in your address, information available on the My House tab includes whether your property is in a smoke control zone or not.