Social housing

There is no 'council housing' in Spelthorne. All social housing in the Borough is owned and managed by local housing associations. However, the Council operates a housing register to organise and prioritise allocations of housing when vacancies become available in the housing association properties. The Housing Register is a list of the people who would like to be housed in social accommodation.

You should be aware that there is a very high demand for social housing in this area and a low volume of properties becoming available. This means waiting times can be very long and a large percentage of people on the housing register are not rehoused. Many of the properties available will be let on fixed term tenancies which may be for five or ten years, and rents may be at up to 80 percent market rent.

Online application process

All applicants need to apply online using the Search Moves website.

Part 1 of the online application process will produce a personalised action plan to advise you about your wider housing options which could include joining the Search Moves register (part 2 is the main application form).